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Apple Pie App Download For Android, ios & Pc by play store

Apple Pie Apk, Apple Pie App Download For Android, ios & Pc by play store, ApplePie Apk free download:-  Hi Friends, From some days, an application called Apple Pie App is becoming very popular, which has been shared by Lakho mobile users so far. So if you do not know about this application then just continue to read this article till the ends to know all details related of this apk.

Apple Pie App Download

Apple Pie App Download

What is Apple Pie App Apk?

Apple Pie App APk is an Android package, which is launched only for fun purposes by crazy developers. The Apple Pie App Apk is not a good Application, Because when you download this app on your phone, you will be shown short clips of foot porn movies on your phone’s home page.

Also, the automatic ringtone will be changed and the ringtone set in your phone will be very bad, which will include the sound of porn movies.

The biggest specialty of this app is that when you delete this app from your phone, whenever there is no change in your phone. This means, even after deleting this app, small clips of porn movies will not be removed from your phone.

So if you want to download Apple Pie App Apk to get fun of your friends then you can download this app on its android phone by below download link. or You can follow this below steps to easily download ApplePie Apk for free.

How to download Apple Pie App For Android, ios & Pc by play store?

  1. First of all, Click here to download this app.
  2. After download it, Now install it on your phones.
  3. Now just you can Launch the App.

Note:- This is a kind of unethical and inappropriate app, that’s why I advise you not to install it.

How to remove Apple Pie App or How to get rid of it?

If this app is installed on your phone and if you want to remove porn clips from your phone, then for this, you have to change the ringtone and wallpaper, after which your phone will automatically be the same.

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