Bawaslu 2019 apk Download For Android, ios or Pc For Free

Bawaslu 2019 app, Bawaslu 2019 apk Download For Android, ios or Pc For Free by play store:- On 17 April 2019, there will be going to general elections in Indonesia. In view of this, the General Election Supervisory Agency of Indonesia – The Republic of Indonesia Election Supervisory Body Bhaban launched a new mobile application called Bawaslu 2019 apk on Friday (05/04/2016), which will help you find your polling booth.

Bawaslu 2019 apk Download

Bawaslu 2019 apk Download

What is Bawaslu 2019 apk?

The Bawaslu 2019 apk is a free mobile application that launched by General Election Supervisory Agency of Indonesia to provides all help in Find Polling Station by Voter ID, Can Search for the nearest station, can get the details of your candidates like name, age, Address, and net worth income.

Also, The Bawaslu 2019 apk has provided many features like Pocket Book for Monitoring the General Election 2019, Pocket Book for Polling Station, BOOK OF WITNESS WITNESS OF ELECTORAL PARTICIPANTS IN 2019, Instructions for the Use of the Election Monitoring System (Siwaslu) in the 2019 Election.

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So if You are adult peoples of Indonesia and you want to vote to general elections in Indonesia then its application is very usefully for you. So if you want to download this Bawaslu 2019 apk then all mobile phone, Because this app is available for all devices in which included Android, ios and pc to download and users can download on its phone by play store in free.

How to download Bawaslu 2019 apk For Android, ios or Pc For Free by play store?

  1. Firstly Visit on Play store By This – Download Bawaslu 2019 apk.
  2. Click on Install or Download button.
  3. Now install and open the app.
  4. Go To Homepage and select an option.
  5. Now you can search the polling station by Voder id card number.

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