How to cancel jio phone pre booking online or offline and get Rs 500 Back ( Step by Steps )

How to cancel jio phone pre booking online or offline and get Rs 500 Back or Jio free phone scam and Jio phone new terms and conditions :- So, friends Have you booked a jio phone, if you have done it, then you want to cancel it now? So If it so, then you are at the right place. From this post you can know. How to cancel jio phone booking online or offline and how to get 500 rs back to your account. Also, In this post i am going to about jio phone new terms and conditions. To cancel booking, continue read this post.

How to cancel jio phone pre booking online or offline and get Rs 500 Back 

How to cancel jio phone pre booking online or offline and get Rs 500 Back

This before, JioPhone was launched at Reliance Industries’ AGM on July 21, whose pre-booking was started on August 24th. The jio phone available to customers at an effective price of zero. Customers are required to pay a fully refundable, one-time, security deposit of Rs 1,500. You can book jio phone online via or My jio app, which you can download from google play store. To book Jio phone, You will pay rs 500 at booking.

To Cancel booking, click on Jio phone link

It is possible to cancel pre-booked jio mobile and you can do this easily. The has been confirmed by Mukesh Ambani chairman of Reliance that any users can get back their Rs 500 if they cancelled back their pre booked Jio mobile. After cancel jio phone booking, you will be get your Rs 500 in your bank account, Which you gave when booking your phone. For How to cancel jio phone pre booking online or offline, You will need Follow this easy steps.

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How to cancel jio phone pre booking online or offline ( step by steps ) ?

  1. First of all, Download the app or Visit on
  2. Now go to my profile and get the status.
  3. find the ordered list of pre ordered mobiles and click it.
  4. check for status whether it has been dispatched as it has stated that September will be the month for delivering Jio phone to the customer.
  5. Now you can applying cancellation for Jio phone pre booked.

Guide How to Cancel Jio Pre Booked Mobile Offline ( Step by steps )?

  1. Visits nearby by Reliance store, where you have pre-ordered Jio phone by paying 500rs to them.
  2. Then go for Inquiry Section of Reliance Digital Mart.
  3. show the notification message or email received by you at the time of ordering Jio phone to jio store keeper.
  4. Ask them to do Cancellation of Pre booked Jio phone.
  5. Then to do return back your 500 rs, which had taken during pre-booking of Jio Mobile phone.
  6. after then, You can get your rs 500 in your bank account.

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Free Jio phone new terms and conditions –

  1. The charges applicable on returning the Jio Phone have already been discussed in detail, with the best way to get your money refunded being using the handset actively for 36 months. However, the company says users only have a 3-month window to handover their Jio Phone unit in order to claim the return. In the site’s T&C section, the company says the phone has to be returned by the recipient “on or after the expiry of thirty six months but before the expiry of thirty nine months from the date of first issue” of the Jio Phone.
  2. Jio Phone will be SIM-locked, meaning it is locked to the Jio network and assigned to a fixed number. This would not be a surprise to many, considering the company would want the buyers of its phone to remain on its network. However, the company mentions that it “may, solely at its discretion, allow the use of the JioPhone with any other compatible network from time to time.”
  3. If you do not return the handset to the company in this 3-month window after the 3-year period is over, the Rs. 1,500 refundable sum will be forfeited.
  4. Jio says the user should remove the SIM card from the handset before handing it over. However, it also says returning the device “does not cancel the Recipient’s service contract with the Authorised Carrier(s),” the carrier here being Jio.
  5. The Jio Phone warranty is 1 year from the date of delivery for the handset, and six months on the charger. The warranty will be voided if the handset’s seal, serial number code or date code has been removed, defaced or altered, or if it has been subjected to modifications like rooting, reverse engineering, unlocking, jail-breaking.

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