Jio Free caller Tune : How Set Caller Tune on jio Number For 1 Year { step by step }

Jio Free caller Tune or How Set Caller Tune on jio Number :- How to activate caller tune in jio, Reliance jio now offering to unlimited 4G data and unlimited free L+N voice callin till 31 march 2018. Now Jio started callertune services now and offering free callertune for their users.  So, in This post i am going to tell, how to activate jio free caller or jio caller tune number. 

Jio Free caller Tune

Jio Free caller Tune

This VAS is Jio Tunes service which is available for all subscribers for 30 days. Still you thinking how to activate jio caller tune. You can be activate jio free caller tune for 30 days, only follow this easy steps.

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This service will attract most of the younger generations and to for free. Here’s how you can activate any song as your Jio caller tune for free. Now How to activate jio free caller tune on jio number or activate jio tune free, Follow this easy steps :-

Note :- This service is completely free, so feel free to change to any tune anytime.

How to activate Jio Free caller Tune on jio number :-

  1. First if all, Download the jio music app.
  2. Or Now on your mobile phone & open keypad.
  3. Now Enter  56789 number & Click on send SMS.
  4. Choose movie and Type movie name.
  5. You will be Get any song.
  6. Now Replay with song number.
  7. Soon you will receive another message asking your confirmation.
  8. Now Send Y to confirm.
  9. Your caller tune will be activated instantly.

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How to deactivate jio caller tune :-

If you want to deactivate your caller tune and revert back to normal caller tone then follow the below steps and deactivate your Jio caller tune service.

  1. Open your messaging app.
  2. Send STOP to 56789 to deactivate your caller tune.
  3. Your caller tune service will be deactivated instantly.

Copy a Jio caller tune from any Number :-

Jio Free caller Tune :-  To copy any Jio caller tune, press * while listening to the caller tune and then send Y to the message to confirm your Jio caller tune

Jio caller tune Number :-

  • You can call 198.
  • Sent to sms – 56789 number.

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