Mesh Messaging App Download For Android, ios & pc in Free

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Hi Friends, If you want to use a messaging mobile application to talk with your friends, but you have not internet then don’t worry now, Because a company called Open Garden has made such an app for you, through which you can send messages to anyone without an internet connection.

This is an ideal app for protesters who are trying to reach people but cannot use apps such as traditional SMS, email, or China’s undisputed WeChat. So If you want to know more details of it then just continue reading this articale to know details of Mesh Messaging App like What is Mesh Messaging App and How to download Mesh Messaging Apk ( FireChat App Apk ).

Mesh Messaging App Download

Mesh Messaging App Download

What is Mesh Messaging App?

The Mesh Messaging App is an amazing latest mobile application, which helps to message without any internet connection. So If you don’t have an internet connection then you can chat with your friends using this FireChat App.

The Mesh Messaging App is work under the peer-to-peer network, which allows you sending a message using Bluetooth and WiFi. But Due to the peer-to-peer network, you can chat fast with people who are within a hundred meters (330 ft). If you want to chat with someone more than 330 feet away, then it can take you a little time.

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So if you intrested to use it and you want to download this app on its phone then the app is availble all devices in which included Android, ios and Pc and you can be download Hong Kong Protestors Mesh Messaging App by play store or iTunes App store in free of cost. Or You can follow this below steps.

How to download Mesh Messaging App For Android, ios & pc in Free by Play store?

  1. First of All, Visit on Play store – Download Mesh Messaging App.
  2. Now Click / select install or Download button.
  3. Launch The app in your device.
  4. Enter some rqured details to sign up in your account.
  5. Now You can use the App.

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