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Rajkumar’s 88th birthday Anniversary to Celebration 24 April 2017 at Bangalore

Rajkumar’s 88th birthday :- Rajkumar birthday is today, So celebrated DrRajakumar’s 88th birthday with his fans at. Every year rajkumar birthday Celebration 24 April 2017 at Bangalore. As usual many health related camps is organised at the Kanteerava Studio campus. Parvathamma Rajakumar, Shivarajakumar, Raghavendra Rajakumar, Vinay Rajakumar and others visited the memorial. 

History of Rajkumar –

Rajkumar Widely acclaimed as one of the finest actors in the history of Indian Cinema, he is considered a cultural icon.  Rajkumar entered the film industry after his long stint as a dramatist with Gubbi Veeranna’s Gubbi Drama Company. He appeared in the Oscar-nominated 1957 film Mother India and went on to star in over 70 Hindi films in a career that spanned over four decades.

Rajkumar’s 88th birthday Celebration  Image :-

Rajkumar's 88th birthday

Rajkumar’s 88th birthday

Rajkumar Hindi movie List :-

  • Bangarada Hoovu (2000)                        Rajkumar, S Janaki
  • Oda Huttidavaru (2000)                          Rajkumar, Ambarish
  • Shabdavedi (2000 )                                  Rajkumar, Jayaprada
  • Minor Mappillai (1996)                            Ajith, Keerthana
  • Akasmika (1993)                                        Rajkumar, Geetha
  • Chukki Chandrama (1993)                       Rajkumar, Madhavi
  • Atma Bandhana (1992)                             Rajkumar, Madhavi
  • Jeevana Chaitra (1992)                             Rajkumar, Madhavi
  • Parashuraam (1989)                                  Rajkumar, Vani Vishwanath
  • Devatha Manushya (1988)                       Rajkumar, Geetha
  • Shiva Mechchida Kannappa (1988)       Rajkumar, Shivaraj Kumar
  • Guri (1987)                                                  Rajkumar, Archana
  • Ondu Muthina Kathe (1987)                   Rajkumar
  • Shruthi Saeredaga (1987)                        Rajkumar, Madhavi
  • Anuraaga Aralithu (1986)                       Rajkumar, Madhavi
  • Baala Nagamma (1986)                           Rajkumar, Kalpana
  • Ade Kannu (1985)                                    Rajkumar, Gayathri
  • Dhruva Tare (1985)                                  Rajkumar, Geetha.


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