T Savari App Apk Download for Android, Ios And PC From Google play store

Download T Savari App Apk Download for Android, Ios And PC From Google play store Or hyderabad metro rail app :- Today Here I am tell about of New app, which named is T Savari app. This application launched for Passengers of Hyderabad Metro train, which provides quick interface for metro services.  It is launched by Chief Minister K Chandra Shekhar of Telangana on the launch day of Hyderabad Metro Train. The app will be available for all device like Android, ios and pc and All metro passenger can download this app from google play store from 29 November.

Download T Savari App Apk Download for Android, Ios And PC

Download T Savari App Apk Download for Android, Ios And PC

Also, Recently IT ( Information Technology ) Minister of Telangana has launched Tea Savari Smart Card for passenger, which serve as a single interface for various other modes of transport, including bus, and cabs and more 16 different services. Along with, The card will help quick processing of Government benefits. Till now 43,212 passengers has register this card. To Buy smart cards, You will be pay Rs 200.  In which, included security deposit of Rs 100 has been charged for the cards.

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Chief Minister K Chandra Shekhar of Telangana said that buses, and electric vehicles, through partnerships will be introduced in a phased manner for transport to metro stations. Soon bicycle stations close to metros would also be introduced. So, How to Download TSavari app or  T Savari app Apk on Its mobile phone or Pc from google play store. To download, Just Follow this below easy steps.

How To Download the T Savari App Apk on Android, Ios And PC From Google play store –

  1. First of all, Visit on google play store.
  2. Now search T Savari App.
  3. Just Now Click on Install.
  4. Now install and open the app.
  5. After then, You can use the app.

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Benefit of Tea Savari Smart Card –

  • Can be used as an electronic purse.
  • In petrol bunkers, taxi, RTC and auto charges can be paid.
  • Rent a bike from a bicycle station with a card.
  • Charges for metro feeder services and electronic vehicles.
  • Smart card based ticketing (month, week, daily passes).
  • Smart Card Topped – Via Added Services (International, Bank Top Up, ATM Mobile Banking).

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Benefit of T Savari App Apk –

  • Metro Train Timings for each station.
  • Find Nearest metro Stations to you.
  • Plan your travel from One Station to Other station like Miyapur to Parade grounds, etc.
  • Fare and Distance between Stations.
  • Route will be shown on map for the planned travel.
  • Switching of the Trains to reach the destination.
  • Stations between Source and Destinations of Your Travel Plan.
  • Save the travel information for future references.
  • Live tracking of your train.

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