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This is a social networking app and message app. which recently launched on google play for all device like android, ios, pc etc. It was created by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq in the end of 2016. That lets people send and receive anonymous messages. This means, you can send / receive without identifying themselves or displaying their identity.  Also You can has send any massage without identifying on social media platform like Facebook and sneapchat by or Sarahah app. 

What is –

Revealsenders is a website, People are searching Revealsenders who promises to reveal the name of the sender.So that’s why people are using it.I test Revealsenders with Some my Sarahah account But its Does not work. For More details, please visit on this website. To go to this website, You will need to click on download link.

Now click on this link to Visit on Revealѕenderѕ.cⲟm

What is Peing sarahah –

This is a website, which claims that she will tell the name of who send message on Sarahah. Also, This is a Question box, To More details, Just visit on this website.

Sarahah usernames ideas

Sarahah usernames ideas

Sarahah is the latest anonymous messaging app and has become one of the most popular apps on App app store iTune and Google Play store in recent weeks. Within a week after the launch, it has become the most popular app in the social media and it is being used in all the countries. This app has become so popular that any person can send a message to another person without identifying. To send a message, you just have to create an account, after which you can send a message to anyone.

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Sarahah usernames ideas :-

Sarahah If you are using Sarahah and want to know about username, then you will be able to tell you what type of username you have in app. If you can put anything in the username, click on this link to know the name. Click to know usernames .


  1. First of all, Install and open the app on your device.
  2. When you open for the first time, you will see a screen.
  3. Now click on start now, skip, Next button.
  4. Click on new account and it will take you to the Registration Page.
  5. Now enter your username.
  6. Enter Your email id and the password for your Sarahah Account.
  7. Now tap on the Sign Up button.
  8. Now complete your process.

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